Thursday, 13 August 2009

A Hole in my Heart (2004) aka Hål i mitt hjärta, Ett

4.5/10 2,049 votes
Runtime: 95 min.
Language: Swedish (English srt file)
Country: Sweden/Denmark
Color: Color
IMDb Link:

Director: Lukas Moodysson
Thorsten Flinck... Rickard
Björn Almroth ... Eric
Sanna Bråding... Tess
Goran Marjanovic... Geko

Description: If you loved Lilja 4Ever - there's something wrong with you. You won't love this film - that's for sure - unless there's something wrong with you. This film is nearly - but only nearly - unwatchable. And I take that as a sign of its success. Had we been in any way aroused by what we saw, had we been allowed to distance ourselves from the suffering we saw, had Moodysson failed to reveal the conflicted, ambivalent motivations underlying the actions of these characters - who say little but reveal much - the film would be another Requiem For a Dream - but it isn't. You won't watch this film twice - unless there is something wrong with you. But it's honest in the way few films dealing with the subject are. I don't think it pretends to be representative of the porn industry as a whole - but it does remind us that our consumption of porn has a price. This is not an enjoyable movie. It shouldn't be an enjoyable movie. But is it well thought out? Well executed? Well acted? Important. Yes, it is. It's been awhile since Sweden has produced a movie that has shocked complacent audiences - for the past few decades it's been churning out silly nostalgia-driven films. I loved Show Me Love - but this is a far superior film.

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