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Abducted by the Daleks Daloids (2005)

Director: Don Skaro

Katarzyna Zelnik ... Sylvia
Eliza Borecka ... Isabella
Sonja Karina ... Barbara
Linda Black ... Anna
Maria Vaslova ... Anna
Baron Trenck ... Police Detective
Peter Dawn ... Second Police Man
Lenny Delmore ... Serial Skinner
Terry Barlet ... Hunter
Connal Rose ... Dalek 1
Pedro Robinns ... Dalek 2
Andrew Witsend ... Dalek 3

This is a real rarity. Only 1,000 DVD’s were ever made and the BBC was quick to pull the plug on it for good. Read what the BBC had to complain about.
Dalek porn romp shockerNSFW Those readers who have ever wondered in an idle moment how a couple of Daleks would respond to the presence of three naked lesbians romping in their Mothership might recently have found the answer in the shape of a sci-fi smutfest entitled "Abducted by the Daleks".

Sadly, however, you'll have to wonder on because the BBC and the estate of Dalek creator Terry Nation have moved swiftly to pull the plug on the the trundling salt-cellars' intergalactic rumpy-pumpy.

The 1,000-disc limited edition DVD recently popped up on eBay but has now been removed at the Corporation's behest. The blurb stated:

ABDUCTED BY THE DALEKS: A brand new limited edition release (1000 (numbered) discs). For obvious reasons this is going to become a very collectible item especailly with the resurgence in the interest in Dr.Who. The DVDs will be sold on an incremental basis (eg: Lowest number first). The disc contains a 56 minute main feature plus a 40 minute outake/alternative version plus a trailer.

Yes yes, but what about the hot Dalek-on-girl-on-girl action? Here's more:

The story centers around three sexy young disco babes who have met the mysterious Anna. As they journey through the woods they discuss the legend of The Serial Skinner not knowing that they are already being observed by a more ambitious and ruthless species of Alien.... the daleks!!!

To cut to the chase - literally - here's how UK tabloid the Sun describes it: "Dr Who's foes capture three naked 'disco babes' in the 18-rated DVD. They chase the girls around their spaceship and grope them with their plungers."

Oh dear, oh dear. The director of Terry Nation's estate, Tim Hancock, told the paper: "The reason the Daleks are still the most sinister thing in the universe is because they do not make things like porn. They weren't ever intended to be sexual creatures. It's simple, Daleks do not do porn."

Plot Synopsis:
After what seems an eternity of driving around in the dark, wandering about in that fake forest and losing all their clothes simply because the script said they should, four young women with more silicone than acting talent get beamed aboard a spaceship where three rather tatty looking Daleks shout a lot, chain the girls up and shoot badly matted death rays at them in an effort to learn more about the human race.

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